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These programs require an "INFOTAINER".

Somebody that can deliver a message in a fun way that engages the audience.

1st- We determine the audience. The program we design for soccer moms at a mall venue will be different than retirees at an insurance seminar or engineers at a technical conference.

2nd- We work hand in hand with you on determining the "Message" that you want conveyed to your target audience.

3rd- We integrate this message into the performance.


 Whether it's a branding opportunity with product placement or a motivational message for a sales team, all aspects are taken into consideration for maximum impact!

FUN Parties

The  main function of these programs is to create a FUN, memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. They act as a "HALO" effect on the rest of your event.

     Our entertainers reach the audience and touch their hearts or tickle their funny bones. They create a sense of wonder, amazement & awe. It doesn't matter wether it's for a group of school children at a library program or Law partners at an executive retreat. Each show is selected to meet your audience demographic.

   Close up walk around magic or maybe even mind reading at a corporate cocktail party. Illusions for an audience of thousands.


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